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Kemin Industries' Request for Use of Rosemary Extract as Antioxidant Feed Additive for Cats and Dogs Authorized by European Commission

Process initiated by Kemin Industries leads to a breakthrough in sustainable pet nutrition and will open new opportunities for antioxidants

VERONELLA, Italy and DES MOINES, Iowa, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, submitted a request to the European Commission to allow the use of liquid rosemary extract as an antioxidant feed additive for cats and dogs and has received authorization through Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/1068.

The submission leading to this authorization was initiated by Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering technologies business unit of Kemin Industries, and the resulting regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on April 15. The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/1068 categorizes and approves of the additive as a "technological additive" within the "antioxidants" functional group and goes into effect May 5.

Before this groundbreaking approval, the European Union's pet food market primarily consisted of tocopherols for antioxidants, with limited options for antioxidant molecules of natural origin. This new addition of rosemary extracts not only expands the range of available antioxidants but also addresses critical supply chain challenges.

"By diversifying sourcing and mitigating dependency on a single ingredient, Kemin Nutrisurance reinforces its commitment to sustainability and supply resilience in the pet food industry," said Beth Mann, Global Director of Quality and Food Safety, Kemin Nutrisurance. "Rosemary extract is a versatile and effective antioxidant that can help pet food manufacturers meet the growing demand for clean label, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products."

Since 1996, Kemin's Specialty Crop Improvement team has used conventional breeding methods to continually develop lines of proprietary rosemary with high levels of carnosic acid, a molecule with powerful antioxidant capabilities. Today, Kemin is one of the most vertically integrated suppliers of plant-based ingredients. Across the supply chain, Kemin controls the breeding, plant selection, growing, harvesting, and extraction for many of its specialty crops, allowing Kemin to ensure that every batch of product is consistent.

"We are thrilled to receive this authorization from the European Commission, which is the result of decades of research and development, as well as close collaboration with the authorities," said Dr. John A. Greaves, Vice President of Specialty Crop Improvement, Kemin Industries. "This is a game-changer for the pet food industry, as it opens new possibilities for natural and sustainable pet nutrition."

Kemin Nutrisurance is proud to offer rosemary extract as part of its portfolio of innovative solutions for the pet food industry. Kemin is committed to providing customers with the best quality, safety, and performance for their products, as well as supporting them with technical expertise and regulatory assistance. From oxidation control and food safety to palatability and nutrition, Kemin is Compelled by Curiosity to ensure pets around the world are living happy and healthy lives.

Click here to learn more about Kemin's Specialty Crop Improvement program.

About Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries ( is a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services. The company supplies over 500 specialty ingredients for human and animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies, textile, biofuel, and animal vaccine industries.

For over half a century, Kemin has been dedicated to using applied science to address industry challenges and offer product solutions to customers in more than 120 countries. Kemin provides ingredients to feed a growing population with its commitment to the quality, safety, and efficacy of food, feed, and health-related products.

Established in 1961, Kemin is a privately held, family-owned-and-operated company with more than 3,000 global employees and operations in 90 countries, including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Italy, San Marino, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States.

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COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2024/1068 of 15 April 2024, Official Journal of the European Union

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