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  • We Are Kemin
    We are Kemin and we are improving lives. Founded in 1961 by R.W. and Mary Nelson, Kemin Industries began modestly on a family farm in Des Moines, Iowa. Today however, Kemin has grown into a global nutritional ingredients company, impacting more than 3.8 billion lives every day through its products and services. In more than 120 countries around the world, in Europe, the Americas, China, Africa and Asia in laboratories, in fields, on farms and in factories, Kemin innovation is finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.
  • The Kemin Vision
    Improving health, feeding a growing population, protecting our resources, and being a resource for others in need . . . these comprise our purpose. They’re our passion. They’re what move us forward and drive us constantly to do more. They’re about touching lives and improving life. And as we see our world continue to change and grow, we continue to change, to foster new ways of thinking, to redefine our focus, and to expand our reach. These are our stories: stories of partnership, innovation, growth, new discovery, and, most importantly, of lives changed.
  • Kemin Quality
    If you’re responsible for billions of lives around the world, how far would you go to ensure their safety and wellbeing? There are companies that just comply, and there are companies that commit. Kemin is a company committed to the highest standard of raw material testing, above and beyond any required compliance or regulatory standard.
  • Growing Advanced Rosemary
    We began a journey to achieve a certification of our rosemary crop as Sustainably Grown from SCS Services. This has taken a tremendous effort from our staff in Des Moines, our field agronomy staff and our growers. This certification shows our commitment to being good stewards of the land and environment.
  • Vertically Integrated Rosemary
    Kemin is one of the most vertically integrated producers of rosemary for food, health and personal care industries. We’ve created proprietary rosemary lines through careful breeding and selection, and developed cropping systems to sustainably grow rosemary with local farmers. We have our own extraction facilities and quality control processes which allow us to deliver a consistent rosemary product to our customers.