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Kemin Food Technologies Asia Launches Powerpacked Molecule™
New technology will help keep food and beverage products safer and fresher for longer

SINGAPORE, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world's population, has introduced a new technology, Powerpacked Molecule, which enhances the chemical blending process. Using Kemin's expertise in this practice, as well as 50-plus years of experience in extracting natural ingredients at the molecular level, Kemin Food Technologies is bringing new advancements in food.

Kemin Food Technologies Asia launches Powerpacked Molecule™

Using Powerpacked Molecule technology, Kemin has developed new and improved naturally derived antioxidants within similar levels of food protection as conventional natural antioxidants, but at markedly reduced dosage amounts, offering customers significant cost savings.

Powerpacked Molecule technology will be marketed under a new Kemin brand of antioxidant products which will adhere to clean-label standards, comply with international food-safety regulations and be developed from natural extracts, providing reassurance to the health-conscious consumer.

In laboratory tests, frying oils that contained Kemin antioxidants crafted with Powerpacked Molecule consistently exhibited improved oxidative stability and reduced Total Polar Compound (TPC) compared to untreated oils or those treated with other antioxidants. Overall, Powerpacked Molecule-crafted antioxidants help to delay darkening of the oil and extend the frying cycle for food before it needs to be replaced.

"The technological breakthrough of Powerpacked Molecule has created a new method for ingredient blending as a starting point in our product development. We have created a new generation of naturally derived antioxidants using Powerpacked Molecule technology," said Mr. Fintan Sit, President of Kemin Food Technologies Asia.

"Our core strength has always been helping food and beverage manufacturers maintain the freshness and quality of their products. At Kemin, it is our long-standing commitment to be at the forefront of delivering superior technology for food science to our customers who demand fresh, safe and cost-effective solutions," he continued.

Kemin is a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for the food and beverage industries, with expertise in blending natural ingredients to keep food fresh and safe.

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About Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries ( is a global ingredient manufacturer with a focus on improving the quality of life for more than 3.8 billion people every day with over 500 specialty ingredients made for the human and animal health, aquaculture, pet food, nutraceutical, food technology, crop technologies and textile industries.

For over half a century, Kemin has been dedicated to using applied science to address industry challenges and offer product solutions to customers in more than 120 countries. Kemin provides ingredients to feed a growing population with its commitment to the quality, safety and efficacy of food, feed and health-related products.

Established in 1961, Kemin is a privately held, family-owned-and-operated company with more than 2,800 global employees and operations in 90 countries, including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Africa and the United States. 

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