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FloraGLO® Lutein’s 20 Years of Excellence Celebration Continues at SupplySide West
Strategic alliance provides market with ‘the health benefits of lutein supplementation across the lifespan’

Las Vegas– October 4, 2016– Kemin Industries, proud maker of FloraGLO® Lutein, and DSM, the exclusive distributor of FloraGLO®, are celebrating 20 years—20 years of amazing customers, 20 years of scientific advancement and innovation, and 20 years of setting the lutein market gold standard. Rooted in science, with an unparalleled reputation for efficacy, trust and safety, the FloraGLO® name is synonymous with excellence.

Maintaining a consistently high-quality product has helped make FloraGLO® the benchmark that established the safety of supplemental lutein for use across the lifespan. FloraGLO® is the only lutein brand clinically proven safe for use in infant nutrition.1 With over 70 human clinical publications2 —more than any other lutein brand—it’s easy to see why FloraGLO® is the most recommended by eye doctors3 and the brand chosen for the National Eye Institute’s prestigious Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS2).

“The strategic alliance we’ve been fortunate to develop with Kemin combines the strengths of both companies to provide greater value for both our customers and their consumers,” said Elly Goodman, DSM senior manager, eye health. “The FloraGLO® partnership has helped pave the way for key scientific breakthroughs in the health benefits of lutein supplementation across the lifespan.”

The legacy of Kemin and DSM’s unparalleled dedication to advancing lutein science continues today. This commitment is exemplified by Kemin’s latest patent for the role of ocular antioxidants and blue light protection. FloraGLO® is the only lutein brand supported by a patent showing how lutein helps filter blue light to help protect our eyes.4

“Blue light protection has the potential to be a huge market opportunity,” said Heather Richardson, vision platform senior product manager at the Human Nutrition and Health division of Kemin. “Customers who leverage our patent have the opportunity to position their products for blue light protection.”

Nearly every source of light—whether natural or artificial—emits harmful blue light.5-7 The growing prevalence of digital devices like computers, tablets and smartphones is exposing people to more blue light than ever before. Between 2012 and 2013, smartphone ownership rose by 48% and tablet ownership by 150%.8 Over half of Americans use digital devices for 5 hours or more per day and 70% use two or more devices at the same time.9

In addition to blue light from digital devices, the use of light emitting diodes (LED) in indoor lighting is another growing source of blue light exposure. LED bulbs emit about 35% of their energy as blue light, compared to 3% in traditional incandescent bulbs.7 In North America alone, LED lighting represented a $4.8 billion market in 2012 and is expected to reach $42 billion by 2019.10

As the concern for blue light exposure grows, FloraGLO® customers can stay ahead of the blue light trend by offering consumers the eye protection they need.

In an effort to educate the market about blue light opportunities, Kemin and DSM have developed the FloraGLO®Beat the Blue™ Challenge. This four-week email campaign builds awareness of harmful blue light and delivers tips and tricks to help maintain healthy vision for lifetime.

The campaign culminates with the FloraGLO® Beat the Blue™ Challenge event at SupplySide West. Attendees are invited to stop by Kemin Booth II159 and put their eyes to the test – top score of each day wins an Apple iPad mini!†

Beyond the FloraGLO® Beat the Blue™ Challenge, all attendees are invited to join Kemin and DSM in celebrating FloraGLO®’s 20 Years of Excellence.

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†Do not need to be present to win.