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“Forward Thinking Toxin Binder” - TOXFIN™ 360⁰ Dry Launches in South Asia to Improve Poultry Health and Producer Profitability
Kemin works three years to create first-of-its-kind feed ingredient that is stronger, faster, better for binding mycotoxins and pesticides

CHENNAI, India – July 18, 2016 – Kemin, a global leader in developing ingredients for animal nutrition and health, recently launched TOXFINTM 3600 Dry, described as a “forward thinking toxin binder” that is powered with Synthetic Tecto Silicates (STS). The Kemin patent-pending material, which has stronger, faster and improved capabilities to bind to multiple mycotoxins and select pesticidesis now available in the South Asian market.

The risk of mycotoxins entering the feed chain is almost unavoidable, and poses a serious threat to the health and productivity of poultry birds. More than 1,000+ mycotoxins have been discovered, and recent studies show climatic changes can also significantly increase the risk of mycotoxins. In the last few years, we have seen sporadic incidences of pesticide toxicity in the Indian subcontinent, which have caused severe losses to poultry producers.

Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) receives feed and raw materials from different parts of Southern Asia for analyzing the presence of mycotoxins. Recently, the presence of unfamiliar and important mycotoxins such as cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) and mycophenolic acid (MPA) have been documented in poultry feeds which are known to impact the performance and immunity of the birds.

Looking at this as a new challenge for the industry and recognizing the limitations of the available solutions, Kemin’s R&D team has worked for the last three years to come up with the first-of-its-kind product that will ensure better protection from toxins and ensure productivity of the birds.

TOXFINTM 3600 Dry main features:

  • High absolute binding of multiple mycotoxins and selective pesticides  
  • Highest excretion of mycotoxin proven through in vivo trials
  • Stronger, faster and better binding of mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin B1, Ochratoxin A, T-2, Fuminosins, Zearalenone, CPA and MPA 
  • No nutrient binding

The TOXFINTM 3600 Dry product was unveiled by Mr. G S Ramesh, president and CEO of the animal nutrition and health division of Kemin in India, in the presence of Mr. Samraj Jeychandran, senior vice president marketing and sales, and Dr. Haridasan Chirakkal, vice president R&D, with  the rest of Kemin India staff members in Chennai.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Samraj Jeychandran said, “This is truly science working at its best. TOXFINTM 3600Dry is based on the Synthetic Tectosilicates, a Nano porous next generation synthetic material. Nutritionists, veterinarians and producers will especially appreciate the speed at which the ingredient ensures binding of multiple mycotoxins before they reach the intestine. The new product also has a negligible binding of nutrients, and very high selective pesticide binding.”

He further added, “I am confident that TOXFINTM 3600 Dry can meet the unmet need of the market for ensuring superior performance for broiler and breeder customers, as it is the right product to use for all mycotoxins concerns. It will be a premium product positioned within the TOXFINTM portfolio of products for better benefits and deliverables to our customers.” 

Kemin strongly believes in working in partnership with its customers and providing value-added services. That is why Kemin has come out with a comprehensive strategy, SEAMR (Systemic Evaluation and Assessment of Mycotoxins Risk) program to overcome the ever-increasing risk of toxins.  The CLS team will analyze for mycotoxin and pesticide risks in feed while the technical team will provide on-field customer support and assess organ health status in future.

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