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Kemin India Revolutionizes Grain Storage with Launch of Myco CURB® Extend Liquid plus

CHENNAI, India– June 2, 2016 – Kemin, a global leader in developing ingredients for animal nutrition and health recently launched Myco CURB® Extend Liquid Plus; an improved version of Myco CURB® GT.

Myco CURB® Extend Liquid Plus; is a revolutionary product containing a unique blend of organic acids with the power of essential oil and surfactant technology that greatly reduces the likelihood of the grain becoming contaminated while maintaining the quality of grain during storage inside the silo.

The product was unveiled by Mr. Samraj Jeyachandran, Senior Vice President, Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd in its Chennai  corporate office. “Anytime we can help our customers solve an age-old problem, such as maintaining the safety and quality of grain in silo storage, with a revolutionary solution, is cause for celebration,” said Mr. Samraj Jeychandran. “We are delighted to make this product available in South-Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka) where there is a silo storage capacity of ~ 1 million metric ton and bound to grow at 10-15% per annum.”  While it is encouraging to see the awareness in the usage of silo for storage of grain, it is also important to understand that silo storage is not a foolproof solution and needs attention. Risk associated with molds and insects is always lurking over the silo stored grains and there is also the risk of loss due to shrinkage. We at Kemin understand these problems and that’s why we invested in the research and development of this highly-effective variation of a product to help tackle these pervasive problems.

Mr. Jeyachandran went on to share that Myco CURB® Extend Liquid Plus is the only product on the market containing essential oil that has a unique and natural insect repulsion property and is also less corrosive despite having high mold inhibition. 

Kemin, the South-Asian front runner in the grain treatment, predicts Myco CURB® Extend Liquid Plus; will further strengthen its pole position and be of critical help to feed millers in maintaining the quality of grains which in turn is a pre-requisite for quality feed production.

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