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Kemin Human Nutrition & Health Expands BetaVia™ Product Line to Include Water-Dispersible Form of Beta-Glucan
New, sustainable algae-based ingredient now available in ideal form for drink mixes and sachets

DES MOINES, Iowa, U.S. (December 14, 2022) – Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, recently launched BetaViaPure WD and BetaViaComplete WD, two new water-dispersible versions of its immune support ingredient, that drastically improve suspension in applications such as drink mixes and sachets. The water-dispersible forms join Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s BetaVia line of algae-sourced beta-glucan that has been clinically validated to support the immune system while protecting against oxidative stress.1-11

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s proprietary BetaVia ingredient line is derived from the beta-glucan-rich Euglena gracilis algae, grown through a patented, sustainable fermentation process to provide beta-glucan at concentrations of greater than 50% or greater than 95%. BetaVia Pure is the highest purity of beta-glucan currently available on the market, with greater than 95% beta 1,3 glucans. Since beta 1,3 glucans are naturally insoluble, formulating them for drink mixes, sachets or other applications that require water dispersion can be challenging. By addressing these obstacles, the new water-dispersible BetaVia product form delivers improved results. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of algae as an emerging superfood. As scientists continue to discover the beneficial and functional properties of the algae ingredient, global demand for macroalgal and microalgal foods is growing. The commercialization of algae products is in its infancy, with the global algae market forecasted to reach USD$36 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2022 to 2028, according to Vantage Market Research.12 

“We are pleased to introduce BetaVia Pure WD and BetaVia Complete WD, our newest health solutions that address typical formulation challenges with enhanced ability to stay suspended in water,” said Chris Sadewasser, Global Product Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “The rising interest in nutritious, functional and sustainable ingredients for food and dietary supplements makes algae a more attractive option. BetaVia, with proven safety and efficacy for immune health, meets that demand for natural, science-based functional ingredients, and its versatility is ideal for a wide range of applications. The new water-dispersible forms give manufacturers the ability to provide consumers an enhanced user experience.”

BetaVia can be complemented with other immune support ingredients for a competitive advantage and differentiation in the market. In some formulations, slight flavors or aromas are easily masked. In addition to being an ideal solution for drink mixes and sachets, BetaVia works in a variety of applications, including:

  • Tablets and capsules
  • Beverages, syrups and liquids
  • Gummies and chews
  • Powders and stick packs
  • Soft gels

“Algae’s versatility—combined with its unparalleled sustainability—make it a prime solution for the issues facing today's existing global food supply chain,” said Sadewasser. “Algae is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of nutrition and provides a unique blend of nutrients and bioactive components, making it unlike any other superfood. Over the last 10 years, the Kemin team has worked to develop the most effective ingredient possible that is good for both the environment and consumers’ health, supporting our vision of sustainably transforming the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world.”

BetaVia ingredients are natural, safe immune-supporting ingredients with an established regulatory status on a global basis. These sustainably sourced solutions are GRAS, kosher, halal, vegetarian, gluten free, allergen free and non-GMO.

Click here for more information on formulating with BetaVia for better immune support.


About Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries ( is a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services. The company supplies over 500 specialty ingredients for human and animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies, textile, biofuel and animal vaccine industries.

For over half a century, Kemin has been dedicated to using applied science to address industry challenges and offer product solutions to customers in more than 120 countries. Kemin provides ingredients to feed a growing population with its commitment to the quality, safety and efficacy of food, feed and health-related products.

Established in 1961, Kemin is a privately held, family-owned-and-operated company with more than 3,000 global employees and operations in 90 countries, including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Italy, San Marino, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

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For further information: Carrie Livingston, Director of Media Relations,, 815.519.8302