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Kemin Highlights ButiPEARL™ in “Gut Structural Integrity” Roadshows
ButiPEARL is an encapsulated source of butyric acid that improves animal performance through enhanced intestinal villi growth and tight junction development

INDONESIA (April 2, 2018) – Kemin Industries, in cooperation with its Indonesian distributor PT. SHS International, organized a series of seminars to showcase its product ButiPEARL in East Java, Indonesia.

During the seminars, Dr. C Sugumar, animal nutrition platform manager, and Dr. Bing Guo, ButiPEARL product manager of Kemin, spoke on several topics, including gut structural integrity strategy, animal nutrition and physiology. They also introduced Kemin’s innovative MicroPEARLS™ spray freezing encapsulated technologies, as well as the recent trial results of ButiPEARL in broilers and layers.

Demonstrating a ButiPEARL test kit, they emphasized how advanced spray freezing encapsulation, used to manufacture ButiPEARL, can help butyric acid exert its biological functions through the whole intestinal tract, thus establishing the “always young and new” intestine and building the “Great Wall” in the gut, resulting in overall enhanced health and productivity. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to build gut structural integrity that can also be used as a complementary strategy when using antibiotic growth promoter (AGP) alternatives.

“ButiPEARL provides the sustained release of butyric acid to improve intestinal villi structural integrity and performance for both broilers and layers, especially in AGP-free diets,” said Dr. Sugumar.

Mr. Agung, Kemin’s distributor from SHS International, added that “ButiPEARL helps to solve problems in aging layers by rejuvenating their intestinal tracts.”

“As an innovative feed additive, ButiPEARL aids in growth and signals to trigger the strengthening process of the tight junction through the whole intestinal tract,” Dr. Guo added.

“Our business partners and customers are eager to learn the fundamental mechanism of our products that can help address their complex animal production challenges,” said Dr. Sugumar. “Through these roadshows, we addressed our customers’ concerns and recommended the most comprehensive approach to tackle them.”

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