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Kemin to Showcase Sustainable Solutions at EuroTier

HERENTALS, Belgium (November 12, 2018) – This week Kemin Industries will be at EuroTier featuring its sustainable solutions and services for the more than 150,000 visitors at the international trade fair for animal production professionals in Hanover, Germany.

Sustainable practices and products have become a priority for governments, businesses and consumers. Conserving resources for future generations is of particular importance in the animal production industry. By 2050, an expanded global population will consume two thirds more animal protein than it does today. This growing demand for protein provides opportunities for producers to continuously improve their operations and profitability in a sustainable way.

As a supplier of plant-based ingredients, Kemin is focused on delivering sustainable products to its customers. In the upcoming years, Kemin will be focused on its commitment to improve sustainability.

“Every stakeholder in our industry needs to take ownership of their impact on sustainability and the role they will play in the future,” said Dr. Stefaan Van Dyck, President, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “We need to sit together with all stakeholders, start this conversation and take action.”

Kemin is working to create solutions that may have a direct impact on sustainability, and one area of focus is nutrient absorption. From an ecological point of view, nutrients that an animal does not absorb are excreted, thus losing their nutritional value as dietary components. From an economic point of view, nutrients that are not absorbed by an animal do not contribute to its growth, which has a direct impact on animal productivity and, ultimately, financial performance.

“Absorption enhancers such as LYSOFORTE® EXTEND increase nutrient digestibility and absorption, making them important tools to improve sustainable animal production in the industry,” said Dr. Matias Jansen, Product Manager – Absorption Enhancers and Enzymes, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA.

Kemin is concerned with the overall good health of production animals. Antibiotic reduction has become an increasingly important topic in this area. Antibiotic-free production requires different farm management than conventional production with antibiotics. As the industry searches for solutions to support the health of animals without the use of antibiotics, Kemin is developing answers. One of Kemin’s health solutions, Aleta™, is a unique beta-glucan product derived from an alga.

“Aleta™ is used for immune modulation to support the general health of the animals,” said Valentine Van Hamme, Product Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “It contains a beta-(1,3)-glucan that helps animals during stress, disease and vaccination periods and, consequently, offers a good return on investment.”

In addition to sustainability in its products and solutions, Kemin is building sustainable relationships with its customers.

“The growing specialization in our industry, in combination with the rising complexity of our products, requires more than just their application,” said Van Dyck.

Kemin is investing heavily in services with specific added value for customers. The Product Application Department (PAD) at Kemin helps customers maximize the efficiency of their application, generating the least waste. The Customer Lab Services (CLS) at Kemin perform customer-specific analysis to enable the right solution implementation.

Kemin will be showcasing these solutions and services, and more, at EuroTier on Tuesday, November 13, through Friday, November 16. Visit Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA at Booth E21 in Hall 20.

Dr. Susanne Kirwan, Product Manager – Gut Health, and Dr. Katharina Pfeil, Technical Services Manager, both of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA, will also be presenting at EuroTier. Click here for more information about their presentations and to learn where you can find Kemin at EuroTier. 


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