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Kemin Strengthens its Position in the Ruminant Industry with Ruminant Essentialities Portfolio
The global ingredient manufacturer offers a comprehensive set of amino acids in the EMENA region

HERENTALS, Belgium, March 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has strengthened its position in the ruminant industry with its "Ruminant Essentialities" portfolio of products for the EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region.

In October 2019, Kemin completed its Ruminant Essentialities portfolio with its KESSENT® product range and CholiGEM, both a result of the company's encapsulation technology expertise. With the launch of KESSENT, Kemin is the only provider of both Methionine and Lysine in a reliable way. Kemin's other newly debuted ingredient, CholiGEM, supports animal health improvement, making Ruminant Essentialities a full-range solution for livestock health and nutrition. With these two ingredients, Kemin's Ruminant Essentialities portfolio now offers a comprehensive set of amino acids for ruminant amino acid nutrition and health.

"Ten years ago, Kemin initiated a strategy to be a major player in the ruminant industry, and we have had great success," said Javier Mateos, Senior Business Manager – Ruminants, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA.  "With the mutual termination of our agreement with Adisseo, Kemin's strategy remains the same, but now on our own strengths. Continuing our strategy in partnership with Adisseo became unfeasible, as both companies' overall activities in animal nutrition converged significantly and obscured our collaboration in the ruminant market."

Kemin has focused on producing its own Methionine solutions, as the company is the recognized leader in amino acid balancing.

"Kemin pioneered the entire amino acid balancing concept. Today, we are reaching and perfecting the next level in ruminant nutrition through extensive services, solution offerings and technical expertise," said Mateos. "Our goal is to continue expanding so we can address the needs of our customers and deliver essential nutrients for their animals as efficiently and effectively as possible."

One of the key factors that differentiates Kemin's Ruminant Essentialities is the company's expertise in encapsulation technology. Over the years, this technology has greatly advanced, resulting in innovations for both monogastric and ruminant markets. Kemin has expanded its production capacity at its encapsulation facilities in Cavriago, Italy, and Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.

The pilot facilities in Cavriago have also undergone significant expansion and can now produce industrial prototypes using more than 10 different encapsulation technologies and pilot plant configurations. These enhanced facilities drive future innovation and enable Kemin to assist customers in the development of new products.

Kemin has also built two entirely new industrial production plants in recent years: a spray tower to encapsulate its pearls and a plant dedicated to producing KESSENT® M.

"The entire amino acid balancing concept strongly relies on rumen-protected Lysine, a product fully based on our proprietary technology. By launching KESSENT, we have a complete amino acid balancing solution," said Mateos. "At the same time, we continue to invest in research and product development with other limiting amino acids that will become relevant in the future. In recent years, we have invested heavily in our ruminant program and will continue to do so."

Along with capital investment, Kemin has also substantially broadened and strengthened its team to share expertise, further support customers and service their requirements.

In the past decade, the dairy nutrition industry has realized that a close working partnership between customer and company, in combination with the right solutions and technical expertise, is necessary for successful nutritional implementation.

"We are reaching the market with the best products and services, based on our expertise and acquired knowledge. Kemin offers the most precise and efficient, profitable, technical and evidence-based solutions for ruminants," said Mateos.

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