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Kemin Offers Meat and Poultry Oxidation Guide
Highlights the negative effect of oxidation on meat and poultry products and how manufacturers can keep products safe, high quality and appealing

DES MOINES, Iowa (September 28, 2017) – Kemin Industries, a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for food and beverage industries, developed a meat handling guide to illustrate key aspects of the antioxidant mode of action and share additional insights on oxidation.

“We believe processors will find this at-a-glance meat and poultry handling resource guide a useful tool to determine their options regarding oxidation control,” said Courtney Schwartz, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Food Technologies. “It’s another way we can share our expertise with meat and poultry manufacturing customers who work to protect their products from the moment they leave the processing facility.”

The guide provides simple illustrations to explain the complex process of oxidation, how it affects the quality of meat and poultry, and how antioxidants delay that oxidation to lengthen shelf-life and help maintain consumer acceptance. Infographics are used in the meat handling guide to:

  • Highlight the fact that oxidation starts as soon as meat leaves the facility, impacting meat quality and consumer acceptability.
  • Illustrate how lipid oxidation is responsible for deterioration in meat and poultry quality, including off-flavors and off-colors.
  • Explain the antioxidants’ role in significantly delaying or preventing oxidation, through the antioxidant mode of action.

As a go-to solutions provider for protein products, Kemin helps meat and poultry manufacturers keep their protein products stay fresher, safer, longer with antioxidant and food safety solutions designed by their experienced technical team.

“At Kemin, we understand proteins. More importantly, we also understand how different processing techniques and packaging affect them. This expertise is invaluable when helping our customers determine which shelf-life ingredients—from simple solutions to more complex blends—are the best solution for their products. This oxidation guide shares this expertise with our clients, so we can make the best decisions for their products, together,” said Schwartz.

Kemin is a one-stop shop for meat and poultry solutions, offering both shelf-life extension and food safety options. In today’s highly competitive meat and poultry marketplace, Kemin provides meat and poultry processors, manufacturers and formulators the ability to reduce costs, control inventory, and meet demand, all while providing the visual appeal and flavor protection consumers demand.

To view or download the meat handling guide, click here.


About Kemin Industries

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