Executive Bios

View the profiles of our Kemin executive officers.

R.W. Nelson                  
Chairman of the Board

Mary Nelson
Corporate Vice President

Dr. Chris Nelson
President and CEO

Elizabeth “Libby” Nelson
Vice President and General Counsel

Kimberly Nelson
President, Kemin Textiles Auxiliaries

Pat Wood
Chief Financial Officer

Haley Stomp
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Giuseppe Abrate
Worldwide Group President, Food and Human

G. S. Ramesh
Worldwide Group President, Animal Nutrition and Health

David Raveyre
Worldwide Group President

Dr. Zhilin Gan
President, Animal Nutrition and Health – China

Johan Opperman
President, Animal Nutrition and Health – Sub-Saharan Africa

Daryl Schraad
President, Animal Nutrition and Health 
 North America

R. Sureshkumar
President, Animal Nutrition and Health – India

Dr. Hai Meng Tan
President, Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia

Dr. Stefaan Van Dyck
President, Animal Nutrition and Health, EMENA

Leo Xie-Lei
President, AquaScience

Yannick Riou
President, Nutrisurance

José Piccolotto
President, Human Nutrition and Health

Valter Dompè
President, Food Technologies  EMEA

Marc Scantlin
President, Food Technologies  North America and Latin America

Michelle Lim
President, Food Technologies – Asia

Marsha Bro
Executive General Manger, Crop Technologies 

Dr. Malek Abdelqader
General Manger, Kemin Biologics